Summer Academy 2021

The Summer Academy will take place from August 16th -28th, 2021 at the "Scuola di Ricostruzione" (School of Reconstruction) in Accumoli.

Orchestral Training

Docents of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will instruct the participants in an intensive training in orchestral playing. Together they will work out the program for the five concerts that will take place as a part of the Accumoli Music Festival.

Applicants qualify for participation in the Summer Academy by means of an online audition. Eligible are musicians aged 18 and over who are at an advanced stage of training or who are already working as professional musicians.


In addition to the musical instruction, Danube University Krems supplements the range of courses with seminars on issues of music management, self-management and marketing in the contemporary music business. 

The Music Management seminars has been developed to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue a modern business and management career in the music industry. The lectures introduce participants to the most significant aspects of the music business.

How to become Successful in the Modern Music Industry?

  1. Music, society and success: What does all that mean to me?

  1. Principles of Self-Management and Entrepreneurship for Concert Stage Musicians
    Essential self-management skills and knowledge base introduction for the 21st century musician

  1. Fundamentals of Music Aesthetics and Management supporting Media (film, games, etc.)
    Examining how music emotionally impacts linear (film, video) and non linear/interactive media -- how music is created and produced to support other art forms

  1. Music and Sound: Understanding your environment, and musical-sonic voice
    Correlating acoustics, audio, perceived sound with music and one's own timbre and "voice." Preparing a better audition recording

Miguel Kertsman leads the seminars. He is the course director for the Master programs “Music Management” and “Music for Applied Media” at Danube University Krems. He has held master classes, lectures, and colloquia at Dartmouth College (NH/US), Sibelius Academy Helsinki, and others. As a music industry executive and consultant, Miguel Kertsman has worked as Producer, Engineer, A&R / Managing Director, Executive Producer, Chief Engineer, Music Tech / Acoustics consultant with companies as Sony Classical, RCA Victor Group/BMG, Chesky Audiophile Records, and other labels. Kertsman also works as a Composer and a studio musician (keyboards). His discography exceeds 250 releases ranging from Classical Music to Jazz, Pop and World Music. Find detailed information at:,