Chamber Music Workshop 2023

From 17 to 24 August, Accademia Vicino will experience the first edition of a project to promote chamber music activities.

A string quartet, consisting of highly experienced Austrian chamber musicians and music educators, will rehearse and present works of the Viennese Classical period alongside a quartet with Academy students.

The Austrian conductor Johannes Wildner will again be the artistic director of this summer academy. Wildner, a former member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and professor of orchestral conducting at the University of Musicc and Performing Arts in Vienna, is considered a guarantor of authentic treatment of Austrian music from the classical period to the present. Through conducting courses, he shares his knowledge worldwide and also conveys the historical and emotional foundations for a stylistically confident interpretation of the masterpieces of Viennese Classical music.

In concerts, public workshops, and musical interventions in public spaces, the timeless significance of the music from an era that has made a profound cultural contribution to societal development shall be demonstrated.