Accademia Vicino

The Accademia Vicino di Accumoli is an innovative educational project in the small village of Accumoli, which was hit so hard by the earthquakes of 2016/2017. It brings together young musicians from all over the world in the Italian Apennines to gain in-depth musical experience as part of a summer orchestra academy, which also aims to promote musical talent from the region. The Accademia Vicino di Accumoli is an integral element of a holistic reconstruction strategy for Accumoli, in which not only the physical building structures, but also the cultural, social, religious and economic structures are to be revitalised. The aim is also to teach talented musicians about the responsibility they can fulfil through the art of music.

Academy participants are offered a multimodal programme that focuses on three main subjects: intensive orchestral playing and chamber music training as well as specialised events on reconstruction, culture and history.

From August 19th - 27th 2024, a programme of chamber music works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Brahms will be developed under the artistic direction of Maestro Johannes Wildner and presented to the public in concerts in Accumoli, its surroundings and in Norcia.


European State Award

Accademia Vicino won the European State Award in the category Arts and Culture .

Accademia Vicino

That's us: Impressions of the first edition of the Accademia Vicino.