Accademia Vicino

The Accademia Vicino Orchestra Academy is an innovative project in the small village of Accumoli, which was so badly hit by the earthquakes of 2016/2017. It assembles young musicians from all over the world in the Italian Appenines to gain in-depth orchestral experience during two weeks in August 2022.

The participants of the academy will be offered a multimodal program, which focuses on four main subjects. Intensive orchestral playing and chamber music training are the two central elements. In addition, one-to-one lessons with audition coaching along with seminars on the practical music business complement the teaching program.

Under the artistic direction of Maestro Johannes Wildner a program of classical orchestral works will be prepared and presented to the public in concerts in AccumoliAscoli Piceno and Norcia.

As part of the chamber music program, top violinists Rusanda Panfili and Ernst Kovacic will demonstrate cross connections between classical music and other musical styles, leading participants into a borderless musical cosmos. They will be supported by Reinhold Rieger (viola), Teodora Miteva (cello), Ángela Valera Casanova (bassoon) and Walter Reitbauer (horn), all exceptional musicians and outstanding performers on their instruments.

In addition to the orchestral concerts, contact with the audience is also sought in smaller chamber music events, perhaps spontaneous musical performances in public spaces.

The Accademia Vicino can be seen as a symbol of the necessity of renewing society through active cultural work and the importance of listening to each other. 

European State Award

Accademia Vicino won the European State Award in the category Arts and Culture .

Accademia Vicino

That was Accademia Vicino 2021: Impressions of our first orchestra academy.