Summer Academy 2022

The Academy will take place from 11 to 24 August 2022 at the "Scuola di Ricostruzione" (School of Reconstruction) in the italian village of Accumoli.

What can you expect?

The teaching programme is divided into 4 parts:

>   Sectionals and orchestral work

>   Chamber music training

>   One-to-one lessons and audition coaching

>   Seminars and workshops


Orchestral work and voice rehersals

Maestro Johannes Wildner will lead the orchestral work and prepare the concert programme with you. He will be assisted by Jon Svinghammar, an experienced conductor known for his successful work with young orchestras. The voice rehearsals and the collaboration with the local music band (Complesso Bandistico Città di Accumoli) will take place under his guidance.


Chamber music training

Our lecturers, all very experienced chamber musicians, will work with you in string and wind formations as well as in mixed ensembles and will form you as an orchestra.


One-to-one lessons and audition coaching

Ernst Kovacic (violin), Rusanda Panfili (violin), Reinhold Rieger (viola and low strings), Teodora Miteva (cello), Ángela Valera Casanova (woodwinds) and Walter Reitbauer (brass) are available for individual lessons on your instrument and share with you their experience gained from participating in many international competitions.



In addition to the musical work, Rusanda Panfili complements the course programme with seminars on music management, self-management, self-marketing and self-productions.

Successful in the modern music business

The seminars have been developed to meet the needs of students who want to pursue a modern business and management career in the music industry and introduce the most important aspects of the music business.

> Taking the right decisions
> Becoming my own Manager
> The Power of Social media
> Passive income : Producing and Releasing Music


Who can participate?

Musicians who are at an advanced stage of their studies or who are already active as professional musicians are eligible to participate in the academy.